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Our general information for the season


We analyse for you the relevant trends in modern society, art, culture, architecture and design to define new Major Trends. They are the backround for future fashion trends. The presentation is prepared in visual collages with a multitude of relevant sources.


SEASON'S START allows you a rapid, synthetic overall view of fashion’s most significant phenomenons. We translate trends for specific markets and evaluate their creative and commercial potential.


The trend conference comprises:

• Key themes

• Colours

• Fabrics

• Styles

• Accessories


The TRENDCODE MEN analyzes key themes, colours, materials and looks of men’s fashion concisely and close to the markets. Original fabric samples make it an ideal support for purchase and conception of your collection.


Our COLOUR CARD spells out the season’s colour message in a way which is applicable to all products.

We participate in international colour consortiums since many years. Our expertise in this area is universally recognized.


The colour card:

• 4 themes with photo mood boards

• Colour shades in original materials

• PANTONE codes

The harmonies:

• 4 colour harmonies per range (total of 16) with mood photos explaining how to use colour values


Our made to measure services


Information on targeted, precise trends for your industry branch, your company brand and your specificity – an à la carte synthesis of TRENDS.

After your briefing, our analysis of general trends is adapted to your specific situation with evaluation of their commercial potential.

Our trend conference is followed by a discussion workshop.


A COLLECTION + BRAND ANALYSIS helps you to ask the right questions: Our specialists’ look will give you a new perspective and allows you to redynamize and/or reposition your offer.

The study comprises the following elements:

• Familiarization with your brand or product

• Thorough analysis of status quo and your brand or product potential

• Determination of your product or brand placement in today’s competitive market environment

• Establishment of a visual profile for your target client

• Establishment of an action plan to follow


Constructs the storyboard and the season’s themes, adapted to your needs and defines colour, fabric and style messages.

Based on a constant follow-up of the changes within all levels of the fashion industry, we develop themes, colours and fabric concepts as well as styles in exclusivity for your collection. During a series of workshop meetings, concepts are explained, fine-tuned and put into place.


Made-to-measure conceptions of partial or complete collection structures with:

• Themes

• Colour groups

• Fabric concepts

• Definition of styles

• Key points  


Increases your collection’s impact in the current market. You can thus integrate the latest novelties in terms of colors, fabrics and styles.

We analyze and re-evaluate your collection concepts based on our analyses. Our color expertise and fabric sourcing resources allow us to give you a complete vision. Our permanent tracking of current events guarantees precise recommendations.


Over an entire day, we redefine and provide you with:

• Colors and key styles

• Most creative suppliers

• Fabrics most in synch with trends, including samples and images explaining the evolution


Creation of original, up-to-date EXCLUSIVE MODELS to reinforce your brand image.

After your detailed briefing, our confirmed specialists develop models and prepare spec sheets including artwork and description.

Models are presented in a workshop. Prototypes are verified during a second meeting.


Exclusive models – the ready-to-go solution with:

• Sketches

• Spec sheets

• Artwork

• High definition print + computer support

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